Any JBL L150A users out there?

My local shop has a pair on consignment, but in black. The owner claims this is original, but I don't recall black as an option for this speaker. Any insight???

I have the L100 right now and it's a decent speaker, but a bit harsh on the top end sometimes. I would love to pick up some L112's or even this L150A for a smoother sound with more deeper bass.
The manual for the speakers lists the finish as "oiled walnut" and the grills came in three different colors.I suspect that these have been doctored.That would certainly reduce the value.If the speakers are in great shape,not needing any re-foaming and they sound as fantastic as they should these could be a great speaker for around 400.00,or less .They would love a big powerful solid state amp.Not exactly sure what current speaker these could be compared to but they sound well beyond the above price point.They are food of the gods for the noisy Rock of that period.
Hello Chad329, Jazzcourier is exactly correct by the L150A brochure. Mine is dated 3/81. However, the Lansing Heritage site shows a 1982 full line catalog which states; The L150A is finished in oiled walnut. It is also available in the same custom finishes as the L250; Transparant Black Stain, Indian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, and White Oak. Grille colors available are Brown, Blue, Black, Rust, Tan, and Maroon. When bought,I was 19 and they were a floor model,walnut/brown grilles. That was 1984 and I still own them,along with many others(larger)JBLs. Your L100 doesn't even compare. They will go very low but like ALOT of power!! Mid-fi amps/receivers don't do them justice (I know,been there done that starting out). They need an amp that can keep good control of the woofers. At one point I had upgraded the x-overs with wonder caps and resistors,new 5-way binding posts and also made them bi-ampable.In my experience they performed very well with my Aragon 4004 and my Krell KSA100mkII,KSA250. Hope all the info helps. Please e-mail me if you have any questions,I will gladly help. Sincerely,Dave Geiss.
Oh ma does mention bring back memories.Kid in HS dorm had a pair in 1980 and they were to die for.Love to hear them with my KSA 300S not the S.A.E or Ampzilla of the day but will still like to hear the hippy tunes like Dead's Terrapin Station we heard after he opened them.Was green with envy!
I had a pair back in the 80s,he only JBL I ever owned. They are quite good, actually having a flat frequency response; most JBLs intentionally did not. I remember one of their more expensive ones [212 ?] had a 12 db variation.
I have been a JBL collector off and on over the years. I had the L150A, and they were pretty darn good. They will handle as much amp as you can throw at them, and then some. These had the aluminum dome tweeters in them that were a step up from the L150's, but they were still not all that great. The next generation of titanium tweeters were much better. As I remember, some of the JBL's that were bought overseas did have black as an option.Up to $500 would be worth it. I have heard L112's, and was not impressed. They need the other half of the cabinet that the 150's have-the woofer is just too big for the cabinet. I still love JBL, and own several pair including a mint pair of 4412 monitors, L220's and L5'. The newer speakers these days are much more sophisticated, and can sound better (I also own NOLA Boxers, which I love). But bang for the buck, JBL still rocks.
I bought a pair of those in the early 80's overseas on an Air Force base. I think they only sold the walnut version? I sure had some nice parties with those:) Titanium dome tweeter.
Detredwings, the silver 044 tweeter is NOT titanium. Even the black/gold domed 044-1 that ONLY came in the L250 was not either. The 044 is a phenolic dome with a vapor deposited aluminum coating. The later Ti series; 18ti,120ti,240ti and 250ti had a 044ti driver which still had an aluminum housing (like the 044 but different), and a titanium diaphragm. The later L"T" series; L20T,L60T,L80T,L100T, had the 035ti plastic faced driver which later changed to 035tia.
Thanks Krelladdict,

That may of just been how it was marketed at the time. I just remember that as one of it's attributes. I sold them in around 87. One thing to mention. The woofers had to be repaired under warranty. The rubber rotted and had to be replaced. I'm not sure if they have better parts now?
My brochure only shows walnut which is what I currently own.

I have seen on e-bay black units but they appear to have different tweeters and midranges.

Hope that helps.