Any Jazz Performances on Blu Ray?

Anyone seen any great jazz performances on Blu Ray?
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Return to forever, live at montreux
Pat Metheny, the way up
Legends Of Jazz With Ramsey Lewis extraordinary performances.
Lee Ritenour(OverTime,I have the cd which I like a lot and just picked up the Bluray disc.
Haven't watched it as yet as my amps are in the city.

Legends of Jazz.
OverTime is excellent for audio and camera.
Lee goes back to the 70's and up to now.
There's a bit of everything,jazz,Brazilian,Funk ect.
Every musician is superb and it shows whether accompaniment or solo.
Glad I picked it up.
Diana Krall is pretty good too.
What website sources are you using to find your Blu-Ray jazz music/videos?
Try this:
I've been using and ca.
Try Mosaic Records. They have a Jazz Icons DVD series with some great names.
Breaking subject here, but this well recorded performance, played on a good deck nets great video and audio: Don Grusin "The Hang"