Any Janszen Valentina Active users here?

I know these aren't very common speakers but I've become more and more intrigued with them.

I've read all the reviews available online and in forums to date.

But I would like to hear from any owners now that these speakers have been on the market for a few years.  How are you still enjoying them, how's the reliability been and how do they compare to say, a Martin Logan stat in soundstage cues?

Thanks in advance!
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Hello hfaddict,

I have the passive version and like them very much. I bought mind before Janszen released the active ones, so I've had them about 5 years.

Imaging and soundstaging are very good. However, they are more tuned to show you the ambiance that's on the recording than generate additional ambiance. Which you prefer is strictly a matter of taste.

I believe the active ones are probably even better, as Janszen used the electronic xover to perfect the frequency response further. An audiophile friend who lives a long way from me considers the Janszen actives to be one of the very best speakers he's ever owned, and he has owned dozens. I expect that David Janszen will provide excellent support.

Sorry I can't provide direct experience with the model.