any Jadis owners out there ?

I just picked up a pair of Jadis JA 30's for my Merlin VSM MME's. These are great amps. Can they be used with EL34 tubes or are KT 88's the best ? Does anyone know the proper size fuses for these amps ?
I'm told that the new issue Gold Lions are the best. I haven't tried them. I have used SED EL34s for years in JA 30 and JA 200s.l
I liked them with Svet´s 6550 or Mullard( and Svet´s ) El34.
I'm not an owner but I was a hair's breath away from ownership and confronted the same issue. Perhaps this will help: Do you lean more towards the sound of vintage tube amps (EL34) or prefer the so called "modern tube amp sound" that tends to incorporate more of the virtues of solid state (KT88)?