Any issues with Money Back Guarantees offered?

I should have read the details but the main advertisement stated 30-day money back guarantee! The first hidden charge (it was mentioned on the website, but didn't think it would apply to my order) was the excessive duty I paid to receive from overseas ($86). When returned I was hit with a 15% re-stocking fee and the Paypal fee. I didn't mind the shipping cost; that's to be expected. But 15% on each item sure added up; almost $450 for a 30 day listen. Then a $98 Paypal charge back. So much for a demo with a money back guarantee! I am writing this so other audiophiles will be sure to read the fine details of offers such as this and give careful thought if this is actually worth the expense!
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This is just a plain bad way to do business imo. especially with a power cord! restocking fee? What change the bag? Wipe down the cord and sell it to the next guy? come no meniton of duty or paypal fee? just be glad it wasn't the more expensive power conditioner..

Yes I was the other guy who tried the cord...and imo.the cord is rolled off and robs the leading edge....after a while I was just not that interested in listening to my system, a bad sign. perhaps on some systems this is a good thing. not on mine. they should change their policy, expecially since you did decide to keep one cable...but at 15% plus duty and paypal, on 3 expensive power cords, you basically paid for a nice entry level cable..and got nothing in return. sorry for your "loss" as it should have been "less" - no pun intended -