Any issues with Money Back Guarantees offered?

I should have read the details but the main advertisement stated 30-day money back guarantee! The first hidden charge (it was mentioned on the website, but didn't think it would apply to my order) was the excessive duty I paid to receive from overseas ($86). When returned I was hit with a 15% re-stocking fee and the Paypal fee. I didn't mind the shipping cost; that's to be expected. But 15% on each item sure added up; almost $450 for a 30 day listen. Then a $98 Paypal charge back. So much for a demo with a money back guarantee! I am writing this so other audiophiles will be sure to read the fine details of offers such as this and give careful thought if this is actually worth the expense!
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If you're looking for quality money back guarantees in general, Audio Advisor has a stellar money back guarantee and the only expense is the shipping to and from. Music Direct is supposed to have a similar one. The only downside, is the selection/brands of audio gear from both companies is limited. But each company represents a good way to audition a limited number of brands of new audio equipment in your system without risk. (no restocking fee either) The ability to audition audio gear in your own system and return what does not work out for a refund can sometimes be worth the cost of buying new. Does anyone know of other companies with quality return policies that compare to these two?