Any interest in Nesterovic speakers

I see very little activity on the internet for Nesterovic speakers.  I have a pair I'd like to sell.  Is it worth listing them with Audiogon?  I don't think they're in the blue book.



Check out Hifishark:
Look under Sold/Expired Listings tab.

It looks like they are a rare bird, but one pair has shown up on Audiogon before.

Which model do you have? The 3 or the 5.

I bought a great pair of 5as years ago from videogon believe it or not. They had the optional rear facing ambience ribbon tweeters that sat on top and faced backwards. You should definitely try to sell them hear. here will be someone like me who buys them because they want to experience this legendary speaker. They are special.
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Thanks for the 'rear view mirror' flashback on speaker tech and design philosophy...I remember the name and the interest that they created. and it's one of those things that flashed and died... likely due to the fact that it didn't get the 'big name' Push that garnered more attention.

That design concept roughly mirrors my current 'stack' of speakers....a Heil AMT above a Polk 6" mid with a passive radiator and 1" dome.  Beneath that is 12" woofers flanking a modest Polk sub for bottom 'punch'.

Balance it 'correctly' (OK, let's call it 'season to taste *G*) and what sounds like a hodge-podge can be pretty impressive.  As loud or soft as one cares to be, yet detailed and smooth.  Soundstage etches enough to convince but stays stable enough between selections so one 'gets' what the engineer had in mind and ears.

But I've been doing the improbable with not much for awhile now.  Active EQ and a digital Xover makes such 'tricks' easier to do these daze....*G*

Next:  The Impossible with Nothing. *L*  I'm almost there...;)

Thanks again...
they come up from time to time.  I believe there are a few here who would want them, they have a cult following of sorts, as do his amps...

I might have kept my pair of 5as, but one really peculiar thing about those speakers was that the woofers were cemented onto the baffle. This made it practically impossible to get to the crossover, or modify the damping in the cabinet, both of which I wanted to do.

Still, they had a great overall sound. The dome midrange was very transparent, and the blend with the tweeter was very good.