Any integrated amps with dac and 2 spkr outputs?

Any integrated amps with all this built in? Peachtree has dac, but only single spkr output. NAD often has two spkr outputs but no dac. Bryston B100 has dac, but only one spkr out. The only one I know of off top of my head is the Music Hall Maven. Any others?

(Price and power not important, as there are two different systems it can go into, one small, one large, so looking at options for both. Also, I'm not interested in spkr switchers or outboard dacs. I want a do-it-all option if I can find one)
Well, the Outlaw RR 2150 fits the bill, although it's technically a "receiver" and its DAC only has USB in (not optical or coax). I'm currently using mine to drive two sets of speakers from the on-board DAC.
Have you looked at the Arcam Solo?
Accuphase makes them but they are pricey ... if you buy used make sure it is a North American unit (assuming you are in NA)
Harman Kardon HK 3940. 120 watts per channel, good reviews, and can be had for under $350
Correction on my last post. It's actually the HK 3490.
Thanks for the replies so far. Nova and Solo do not accomodate 2 sets of spkrs. Outlaw does not support opt or coax digital input. However, seems like the HK and the Accuphase work. Any others? Thanks...
for your criteria, i might look at a very high end avr like an arcam avr300/350 or b&k 307/507, each of which have excellent 2ch performance, lots of power and all the features you need; very inexpensive used.
I have been using the Music Hall Maven for the past month, and I think that has everything that you are asking in a one box offering. It has two speaker outputs, an onboard Burr Brown 1738 DAC with a two digital inputs, a tuner, and 100W/2ch. The Maven harnesses most of the same circuitry as the acclaimed Music Hall Mambo, but provides 50 extra watts and an excellent tuner for a one box wonder. The thought of an "audiophile" tuner for listening to NPR on Saturday mornings seems like an overkill.

A shopped around for a long time and as fruit of my research I found that HT Electronics offers the Maven for around $700 delivered. (Full disclosure: no relation to the company, just an unbelievable price) The build quality is simply amazing- the all aluminum chasis and remote. There is a lot of pooh-poohing Chinese manufactured goods among "audiophiles", but this is a no Wallmart special for a realistic "audiophile" on a budget.
Jacquesnonod, which HT Electronics? Reno, NV or California?
I apologize for not responding sooner. It was in Reno, NV. They sometimes advertise on Audiogon, but bargains can be had buy talking on the phone.