Any Integrated Amps w/Phono & 100-200 Watts Power?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there are any new or used integrated amps out there with a phono stage, between 100-200 watts per channel and able to drive speakers with an impedence of 6 ohms? I am looking to drive Vandersteen 3A signature speakers, and I mostly listen to jazz. My budget is approximately $1,500. Thank you for your help.
I think you're asking to look among the McIntosh 90's models to be within the budget.
MA6800, MA6400... both have MM phono input with 2.5mV minimum.
Vintage Accuphase integrated have MM/MC inputs.
Musical Fidelity A5 is 250 watts!, great highs, slightly warm mids but still pretty true to source, and great control over the bass region. An awesome amp really!
Unison Research Unico SE tube hybrid, is Excellent!!! MC/MM phono. Yes I owned it for three years. Regret Selling It.
Anthem 225. 225/310 wpc into 8/4 ohms, built-in phono stage, $1500 retail. Widely acknowledged as an excellent value.
Roksan Kandy K2. Excellent sounding phono stage for an integrated amp at that price point. 125W per channel into 8 ohms conservatively.

Disclosure: I am a Roksan dealer.
I think VAC just came out with a 160w integrated.
I'm sure the VAC integrated would be excellent, but it is nowhere near the price point he is asking.
I'll just mention Exposure 3010S new as something to consider too.
Hi guys,

Thanks for your help. I am now trying to find an MA6800 or MA6400. Anyone know where I can find one?
Plinius 9200, a bit more than your budget, but close and would drive the Vandies just fine
The HK 990 can be had new for $1500 (if you look around) and meets your criteria. It is, however, a very different animal - basically a full blown AVR, less any radio functions and set up for 2(.2) channel duty. An odd hybrid, but a great idea IMHO.

The 150 wpc Citation style power amp section is a well regarded design, too.

If you can find a MA 6400 or 6800 for $1500 go for it.