Any insight on Tekton Double impact BE, Focus Se, Salk SS 8, or Golden Ear TRef?

I am looking to replace my 20 year plus towers. However I noticed that most notable speaker manufactures are not putting out what I consider a true full range speaker 20 Hz to 20 Khz (Well not for semi sane price points that is). So I have been examining some of the big bang for the buck and consumer direct brands.

My Budget is for something that come in between $6,500 - $10,500. System requirements is something that is a tower  with frequency response between 25 Hz to 20 KHz.
Capable of handling the dynamic bass heavy content of electronic music from thing like Bass 305, Bach Organ works, or Bass Guitar centered works from folks like Kyle Eastwood or Marcus Miller. The primary listening I do is Opera Metal, that has broad range of content and vocals styling of classical opera but is also bass heavy with metal guitar, drums, and a lot of classical instruments. So it is just not about the bass the system has to be able to have some finesse and detail. Something with sibilant treble will not work. Especially when those powerful Soprano voices really start to wail on the metal tracks from Arven or Leaves Eyes.

My system is dedicated 2 channel Balanced Audio Tech VK 32 Se preamp and VK 500 SS amp. At 250/450 watts 8/4 ohms I have a decent source component and plenty of power.

The two notable consumer direct transducers I been taking a hard look at is
Tekton Double Impact BE edition $6500.00Salk Sound SS8 or SS8 Be for $8995.00There is a lot of favorable press on these but I have never had a chance to listen to one or any knowledge on their build quality which is the biggest concern for me. I desperately want to avoid shipping a 100 plus speaker in for repair. Is there any insight that I should be advised against if I move towards these products. The SS8 I know are really highly regarded, the DI have a little bit more of mixed response but there is enough favorable press on them that I they are also a very strong contender.

Brands that are offered by dealers I can drive to and listen to are:Golden Ear Reference $8998.00 towers great extension and very listenable. Not real punchy or as fast on the transients as the Legacy.
Legacy Signature SE. $6500.00 Has all that I am looking for does not go as deep the TRef. But filled the room I was in with more bass.

Legacy Focus SE, $10,600.00 a pair. This one I liked the sound of the best. It gave me the most in terms of bass energy and the dynamics I crave. Not as relaxed in the treble as the TRef its highs were to my ear more forward, which could be problematic on bright and spitty recordings. None the less I do not think treble would be a problem when mated with the more neutral sound of the BAT gear I have.

So far I am leaning towards the Focus SE, however since I do not have any experience with either Tekton DI or Salk SS8.I simply do not want to rule them out without getting some insights from those that own or had experience with them.
How much consideration should I give to them? They are at much more manageable price points, but do they truly offer comparable sound and reliability, that I will be doing myself a disservice should I not take some time to explore them further, before pulling the trigger on the Focus?

Thanks all for the help.

Don't rule out either the Salk Song 3 Encore.  They are a very fine speaker.
Take a look at JBL in that price range.
Dropped you a PM, I can give you thoughts on all. I’ve heard them, all or owned variants.

I might also consider the Ohm Walsh 5000, particularly given your choice of music, depending on your room configuration.

You should have no fears if you go with the Salks. Build quality and customer service is excellent. I’m not sure they would give you the bass is sounds like you want. (it’s very accurate, very deep, and tuneful but does not energize the room like the Legacy or GE’s do, the Tektons can energize a room also, but it’s a little different I found than the others).

With the Legacy, the Signature SE checks a lot of those boxes you wanted. I MIGHT try to stretch to the Focus SE.

The Golden ear - they do what they do. You can hear them, you can decide. They do a lot right. But, with that beast of an amp you have you don’t have to have the powered subs.

With the Tekton - I think the Double Impact is a pretty nice speaker for 3k, I think the SE for double the price... sounds an awful lot like the DI.  Better in some ways, not as fun in others.  I think the Big ULF's are good, but again, what I have found with the DI and that family - they sound like they sound.  Not huge differences between the DI, and it's more expensive brothers and cousins.  Not ripping tekton, I think the DI for 3k is fun.  I think it would be one hell of a party speaker at 3k.

For what you are listening to...

I would recommend the Ohm Walsh 5000’s, the Legacy’s, JBL M2 (which means some system changes), or I know Jim Salk has a newer speaker coming out soon that might fit the bill a bit better.

Legacy is a great choice. I owned the Focus and Whisper systems at one time. You can't go wrong with Legacy. Superb build quality and excellent customer service.
Check out the Philharmonic Audio 3 speaker great quality and sound. I don't think you'll find anything close in its price range. One of my friends a classically trained musician,  former orchestra member has a pair and they are truly fabulous.
I own the Goldenear T-REF's and I'm very pleased with the way they play all music beautifully. They can fill a room. Metal or easy listening.
  I own Salk Song3 also and they are fantastic too. I would recommend Salk speakers to anyone.  They are probably the nicest looking speakers you can get. If you go with Salk, they are made to order so there is a time issue.

Tekton Encores $8500-$9000. I love mine! I came from Double Impacts.  Both are great at there respective price points. 

I have only had 2 of your choices, The Tekton DI’s and the Legacy Focus SE’s. I currently own the Legacy’s. I have had quite a few brands through my 63 years and I think I finally found the ones I’m going to keep. You mentioned their a little bright with those 4 ribbon tweeters. I actually like the crispness of them. But they do have toggle switches on the back that will subtract some high end from the mix for just your concern. Some people love the Tektons. I didn’t think much of them. Just too much in your face midrange that came across like a huge full range speaker. If you are worried about brightness, I would think they would not be too your liking. But, you won’t know till you get out there and hear them. Or order them for a home trial. If you try the Tekton’s, do not put any fingerprints, smudges , animal hair ( not one ), ! or any kinds of marks on the bottoms of speakers or you will be charged a couple hundred extra bucks when you return them. I know, I had to pay. And I wiped them down and thought they were all cleaned up before returning. Good luck with your quest. I had a ball traveling around listening for my choices..

BTW, If you happen to live near OHIO, you have an invitation to stop by and have a listen in real world conditions

I would consider three brands you haven't mentioned: Focal Kanta 2,
Magico A3, PMC 20-24's. I have not heard the Salk products but as you say the owners seem pleased enough. Of course I am someone who did even know that Metal Opera existed so these brands may not be your cup of tea.
@firstnot First time I heard of Metal Opera too! The variety of different music types is amazing...
@ Firstnot & rsure The term I use is opera metal, but in truth that is a misnomer. The bands listed are categorized in Folk - Melodic- Gothic metal. I call it Opera metal since the female leads are usually Sopranos, many with classically trained voices. Also much of this music has classical themes and instrumentation borrowed from Opera. Metal is a broad category. Not all of it is filled with growling  all the way through  (Which I hate) and screeching guitars. Some of these folks have real vocal and musical talent and an ear for composition. Think of this music in the same vein as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil but with more of bent toward classical chord  progressions and vocal styling.
I have listened to Salk speakers at shows and have always been impressed. Even in the poor conditions a hotel room provides the sound was wonderful and the finish was spectacular.

I own the Tekton SE not BE and am very happy with the sound. Feed them with a good source, amplification and you will be amazed.
As a PMC Twenty.24 owner, I was impressed by the bass coming out of the modestly sized regular Song3’s, and of course the Encore has the significantly bigger woofer (same company) and corresponding enclosure.
Walkertm,are you talking about songs like
Leaves Eyes-A Vikings Word?Super Awesome cranked to 11
Her Vocals are Angelic followed by His deep Viking sounding  growling.
@ Axeman  if you are talking about Beauty and the Beast Styling in Leaves Eyes, yes.  Love Liv Kristine's voice . I could do without Alexander Krull's growling. But in the context of the story and theme of the music they do, I am not sure it would come across  as powerful as it does. so even though I am no fan of growling in metal, (Really wish it would go away) CRANK IT UP. 
The way they do it is awesome IMHO so it does not bother me. Just wish other would follow their example on how to use it to add to the music. And get away from this idea that whether or not a performer  can growl, is the be all, end all, of the whole genre. 
@ Axeman  Oh by the way Liv Kristine has 5 solo albums that are just wonderful. 
Love Decay
Deus Ex Machina
No experience of your suggested speakers but I would say one or more big woofer(s) are good for your preferred music. To enjoy the true bass impact.
thanks for the tip and I wish they would get back to singing in the
Rob Halford,Dio, Geoff Tate  vocal style for Metal


Agree, I'll even take the Dave Mustaine/James Hetfield gravelly snarl style again.

There is actually a lot of good music out there, but I can't take the growling.
Growling gargling with razor blade singin=Im outta here
Roland Van Campenhout
Behemoth  "Bartzabel"
@Axememan & dep14
Could not agree more. FYI here are 3 kind of obscure artist that are in the Folk/Gothic metal vein, and do not do the suck*** growling thing.

ElysionAnnette Olson (Solo Album)
Cosign on the Tekton Encores , but if the price point is too high , go DI SE , great speaker....for me it was a giant leap into a better sound field. 
If your concerned with build quality as you stated scratch off Tekton,well documented their issues..The Salks are a very nice choice but i say go with what your leaning towards,Legacy .Just a fantastic build quality,great customer support and a reproduction of sound,well you already know...added bonus,their resale is amoung the best
Salk has a list of different people/speakers in different states can contact the people through audio circle and go take a look/listen.  Here is a link.
Expect the Salk build quality and service to be outstanding...but the new order wait time could be 3-5 months.

It might not be a factor in you decision....but down the road, does resale might ask for a few opinions here as well.

There's a new Salk model SS 9.5 which on paper looks fabulous.  Because of the extended wait time for a new build, there's a pretty healthy market on Audio Circle for used Salks.
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Hello Walkertm,

I am in a similar situation in upgrading my main speakers and have the same budget as you.

Just came back from the Axpona show in Chicago and made some notes on a few good speaker options that I am considering:

The GoldenEar Triton Reference 
Goldenear Triton 1 R,
KEF R11,
B & W 804 D3,
Salk 9.5 SS
Revel F228BE

The Salks sounded very good, and the Revels were very good, and the GE T1R, filled the room pretty well.

There were some awesome Wilsons and Sonus Faber units there but had 6 figure price tags. 

Read good reviews on the Legacy speakers and also JBL, and may try to find a local dealer to hear those as well.

If anyone has firsthand listening/owning experience with any of the speakers list above please share your experience and recommendations. 

At this level these seem like very good speakers and this is a tough decision, and your opinion is appreciated. 

Thank you