Any input on Purist Dominis PC with tube phono ?

Looking for some input regarding results with named PC mating with an all tube phono stage such as the AR Ref phono.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for your time.
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I'm running Dominus on my Callisto and Io, both of which are all tube designs by Aesthetix.

Dominus has been my standard for several years and when I auditioned the ARC Ref 2 MK ll, the Dominus proved itself there with almost the exact same performance benefits. Increased dynamics combined with ease.

Several listeners said it sounded like more power was being delivered by the music. Strange how much benefit can be had from something so easy to install and audition. I suggest you try for yourself.
I am running a Dominis Power Cord on my Jeff Rowland. One listen and I never considered going back. I had to have it. Be careful, you might have the same experience. I paid more for the Power Cord than I paid for the amp.