Any info. out there on Cayin Audio?

Is anyone familiar with Cayin Audio? I'm interested in their amplifiers, but I can't seem to even find a review anywhere. I know it is a German Company, but there seems to be a dearth of independent info. out there. Externally, they are beautiful components.
Cayin is brand name under Spark. Both Cayin and Spark are Chinese company. Just like Dared, Spark is one of the best tube Audio manufactures in China. They make high end tube audio. I am still puzzled how it is mixed up with a German company. there may be an exclusive distributor for Cayin in German for Europe market though.
Hello, this is a copy that I just left on another thread, feeling that this may actually be a better place for it.

I do own a Cayin CDT 15 cd player and find it an absolute steal for the price, so please take into account my natural bias when reading the following comments.

I auditioned both the CDT15 and the CD22 (at different occasions) and could not detect any difference in sound. The CD15 may have had a touch more transparency, but I'm not sure about this. I actually looked inside an saw for myself that the drive, Burr Brown dacs, servo system, and op amp where virtually the same also. I have assembled a few high-end kits myself (mainly amps) and I do have a fairly good technical background and expertise as far as these things go. Sparks Audio is the manufacturer of the Cayin CDT15, while Hit Audio is an aftermarket distribution and ''tweaker'' company, which is why the cdt15 is ''re-badged'' as the Hit Audio CD22. The initial design of these products come with VERY strong input of the German co-owners of Cayin. Cayin products have been very highly reviewed in Europe. I actually have a copy of a respected french magazine dateing back to 1998, where Cayin won an amplifier shootout, beating 7 other highly regarded amps from Sun audio, Jolida( no contest here), GRAAG and Sonic Frontiers. Of course,there are never any winners in any shootout, especially in French mags where there is much bias and personal tastes of the reviewers. This is just to say that Cayin is considered up there with the best, at least in Europe.

Back to the cd players, the Hit Audio CD22 has some different parts (not many) but just enough to give it the ''modified'' desigantion of the original CDT15. I doubt very much that these mods represent an advance in sonic performance. On the contrary, as I do not know if Hit Audio are ''modification gurus'', I am kind of worried about anyone tweaking and risking a degradation of the original performance intended by the original designer, just to spot on a specific area of that performance, if that. I personnaly think that it's mostly a marketing-driven thing, so that a CD22 can differentiate itself as different and maybe command a higher price as this is a ''modified'' unit after all. I think both players are excellent for the money, but I personnaly would not pay a cent more for the 'Hit Audio'' version and would actually go for the original Cayin un-tweaked CDT 15 if I can get it, but only if, as the Hit Audio CD-22 is an excellent value also.

As far as comparing with a Jupiter, I think the Jupiter has it over the Cayin on the area of keeping the beat and pace. But for the other ''audiophile'' things that these players should do, and overall musicality, I prefer the Cayin. It has marvelous transparency with the tubed output (do change the stock tubes), an incredible front-to-back holographic soundstage (with the tubed output, do change the stock tubes, the solid state outputs being only adequate. With the Jupiter, everything sounded nice, but somehow much the same. With the Cayin, you get more versatility with the ''extremes'' of both the low bass and sweet top end with a great tube-like midrange, so that every cd sound like the unique works that they are.

Build quality is just awesome and the equal of anything out there up to and above $ 3,000.00

So this player is manufactured in Asia - much like other manufactuers - some YBA lines, QUAD (speakers), Marsh amplifiers, well, you do the search and be amazed at the results...However, while many manufacturers use Asia in the production of ''secondary' or ''value'' product lines, Cayin products will compete with any manufacturer's ''main'' product line.

They are that good. After all, the Cayin innards do bear the Burr Brown, Philips, and other non-Chinese, well-known names, so we are also encouraging these companies - and the resulting dealer networks in North America - unless you buy directly from a Chinese distributor and get it shipped directly from there - sorry but I prefer a ''local'' transaction !

In essence, with Cayin you get a world-class product, but with the economies of scale that the Asia productivity can bring to the ordinary audiophiles who cannot afford megabuck like the Krells and Acoustic Research or the audio world. But let me tell you, you do get awfully close to these genuine legendary performers (and actually beat them on the price-value scale).

When people find out how good the Cayin line is, it will be like everything else - demand will grow and increases in price will surely follow.

I am not associated in any way with the company, a dealer or reseller. I'm just an audiphile who is overly impressed with the sonics, build quality and finesse of the Cayin CDT-15, just as I am impressed with Cayin tube amplifiers which will be my next purchase !
Hello everyone,

I stumbled on this condensed review of the Cayin A88T ( there are more Cayin models if you go to the web page)while doing a search on a European search engine. I guess this confirms the German design origins of the Cayin, and their popularity in Europe.

This review appeared in the French audio mag Haute-Fidélité. It has been translated with an on-line translating software, so I decline any responsibility for errors !! In case you wish to check this out yourself go to - There are many other Cayin amps reviewed as well as others. Here is the review:

Origin : Germany / China
Integrated tube amplifier
Power : 2 x 50 W sous 8 ohms
Frequency response : 18 hz à 35 khz
Rapport signal / bruit : 90 db
4 high quality inputs
1 tape out

A new product CAYIN is always an event. It would even seem that CAYIN rather often renews its range. This product is manufactured in China as it is customary for this manufacturer, but designed entirely in Germany. This new model proves to be a absolutely superb product. It's polished aluminium frontage and gray color creates a beautiful effect and gathers a limited but adequate number of switches including a splendid volume potentiometer cut in solid aluminum and which includes in its center an LED showing operation, as well as a push button intended to select the 4 high level sources. Finally, another push button will make it possible to operate the A-88 T in triode or ultralinear mode. A small remote control controls all functions enumerated, with luminous recalls on the frontage of the amplifier. On top of the amplifier, one finds 2 pairs of KT 88 tubes. In the center-top of the amp, one will discover 2 x 6SL7 and 2 x 6NS7 tubes . Finally 3 colossal transformers share the tasks for power duties. At the back, we appreciate finding quality connecting ware (would they be from WBT?) and 8 speaker posts that are beautifully finished, as it is of habit in this manufacturer. It should be noted that these terminals allow for choosing between 3 impedances 4 - 8 - 16 ohms, which explains the number of terminals. In spite of a frame that may appear to be somewhat a bit thinner than usual, the realization of this A-88 T inspires confidence.


The listener will be able, according to its personal choice and its tastes, to choose a mode operation between ultralinear with a power of 2 X 50 Watts, or triode mode with half the power. It is in this configuration that this integrated was tested by the team of Haute Fidélité. Our specialists preferred this operating mode for its fluidity and its engaging sound. What first strikes the listener is the amp's immediate is the serious register: the feeling of control and depth is very impressive, without generating a particular magnifying effect. For example, the set of hands of a double bass player breathes authentically it. The sound impact is quite impressive. One will also appreciate the applause of the spectators, which are full and warm-sounding. The touch of the piano varies in intensity according to the play of the pianist, and percussion brushes are discrete behind plane, but remain clear and present. The accurate register offers a beautiful smoothness, supported by a luminosity which emphasizes it without making it aggressive. By listening to a symphony orchestra, one perceives subtleties of the various desks, underlining instruments without a threat of confusion. Brass instruments are brilliant and powerful. The soundstage is large, and front-to-back imaging is is good without exageration . In short, the CAYIN A-88 T is never tedious. It is simply musical! Test inspired of the report in Haute-Fidélité of 12/2002
Cost : 3350 ' Euros / 21975 FF (12/2002)

( That's 4,167.58 US dollars ! ?????? )