Any info on Welbourne labs preamps?

I am looking to replace my reference line pre, and would like to know if anybody has heard the Welbourne labs gear. The unit is called the Compleat. Thanks
I believe the Compleat is an older model. Welborne's current pre's go by the name Reveille. They come in active, passive & phono. Haven't heard 'em---sorry.
Welbourne labs is a parts distributor - and being a parts distributer they want to sell you lots of parts to go in their poor designs. Not only do you pay premium for these parts, but then you have to build the unit. If you think you are getting a bargain - think again. It will generally cost you more $$$ to get something of value with absolutely NO resale value from welbourne then to buy something used which will outperform their units in resale and sound quality. I know from experience. Don't be fooled by these crooks.
I have a Welbourne Labs Compleat phono preamp. It is well made, contains high quality parts and is based on a good design. But, others have said reaching them for any advice or follow up info is near impossible!! I would recommend you look elsewhere; possibly a used tube conrad johnson pv 9 or 10a.The solid state classe dr6 is also pretty good if power is left on all the time-these units can be had pretty inexpensively as they have lost quite a bit of resale value.