Any info on the new Piega 10???

I just read the review in the Absolute Sound on this new speaker..."glowing". Anyone out there care to share any information on this speaker if you have it????
I would love to hear from you!!
Very timely question. I just got mine about a week and a half ago and they are amazing. I have always had a love affair with planars and stats, but hated the fact that most of them truly lacked dynaics. These give me the best of the top box speakers with the best of the ribbons. The P-10s have two ribbon tweeters, one ribbon midrange and 2 7 or 8 in. cone woofers. There is a switch on the back of the speaker that allows you to go from 30 hz down to 18 hz. While it may not be the last word in weight in the bottom, they truly go way down in my room.

This is a very serious speaker system that has some of the most transparent sound I have ever heard without being thin at all.

By the way, they are not even fully broken in yet.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, drop me an email.

I just received my pair on Saturday, so my evaluation may be premature...but so far I find nothing to dispute Valin's opinion in TAS. Even before break-in the sound is cleaner, more detailed, and the bass more powerful than anything else I've had in my home (Maggies, Talons and AudioPhysic}. The black piano finish is gorgeous, bi-wire terminals and level control switches are highest quality. I hear cable differences (anywhere along the chain) better than ever before--always a good sign that the speaker can deliver a good measure of truth. After 200 hours or so I'll know if they jell into a completely satisfying musical whole, but they're damn impressive even now!
Got my pair a month ago. Very satisfied indeed, warm powerful yet very transparent. Greet bass for the size. Only complaint so far is lack of spikes which causes sime rumbling in my admittely poor wooeden floorboard floor.
I have another question for the P-10 owners. How much power do you need to drive these? Are you using solid state or tubes? I'm considering a pair with Aloia electronics. Do you need to Aloia amps bi-wired to drive these, or will one suffice? Thanks for the info.

They seem to require good power (88db sensitivity). I am using a Levinson 335 (250W) working very well
Just received the Piega 10's and are by far the best speaker I have heard. They left the Dunlavy V's in the dust