Any info on the new Mccormack DNA 250?

Hi all, and merry Christmas!

I was wondering if anybody knows something about the new McCormack DNA 250. I assume that this will replace the DNA 225... And I also assume that the DNA 250 has an improved power supply, since I read it has a staggering 110dB signal to noise ratio...
This question has come my way several times recently, so let me take this opportunity to clarify...I left McCormack Audio about 3 years ago to pursue building my new preamp (the VRE-1) and to continue expanding the equipment upgrades I offer through SMc Audio. I was not involved in the design of the new McCormack Audio models, so I do not have any specific information to add. What I do know is that the DNA-125 and 225 are slated to be replaced by the new DNA-150 and 250, and that the DNA-500 will be replaced by a monoblock pair of amps (I am not sure of the designation). There will also be a replacement for the RLD-1 preamp, and a CD player is in the works. The details should be made public at the upcoming CES. Like you, I look forward to seeing what the McCormack Audio design team has been up to.

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Steve McCormack, designer
SMc Audio
Any updates on this topic at this point?
Again any updates on this topic?
The only things I've seen for the DNA 250 or the DNA 750 monos are new classified ads here listing them for sale. No reviews yet from members.
I am also surprised that there is very little or no feedback on this amp. From what I have heard it is supposed to have improved on the DNA-225. I was interested
in this amp at one time, however I need to hear some feedback first. Anyone heard this amp?
I have a McCormack DNA-250 on order, which will arrive in a few more days. Give me a little time to do a review and let you all know how it fits in my system and affects the sound.
See the review under amplifiers.