Any info on the Musical Fidelity A200?

Hi, I have tried to find something on this intergrated but alas nada. A-gon does not have it listed and the MF web site came up short as well. Any help would be appreciated. Enjoy the music :)

Cached at Google:

From the Musical Fidelity web site

A200 Integrated Amplifier

If Class A appeals to your musical instincts, but you want more power, listen to the new A200. The newest member of the A1 range, the A200 has a circuit topology similar to the MA50 and will deliver twice the current of an A100. It is an exquisitely proportioned package which offers extraordinary sonic performance. The A200 works well with MC-4, MC-5 or, if you are not a head-banger, MC-6 loudspeakers.

Power output per channel at 8 Ohms, 60 watts <1%THD
Phono MC 250?V
Phono MM 2.5mV
Line inputs & Sensitivity 150mV
CD, Tuner, Tape, Aux

Maybe someone has a manual and can add to this?

Nice front and back pictures here (about 4/5ths of the way down).

Wow, Thanks so much Jamscience. Nice pics and info. I needed some info to justify a possible purchase. This piece should be a step up from my NAD 304.