any info on the klipsch heresy 3

There are no dealers in my area that carry this speaker so I have no chance to audition it. I know the original heresy was designed as a center channel. The klipsch website says the three has had some design changes and some improvements made to it from the heresy two (should'nt all the changes be improvments??)I guess I'm concerned about it being a little harsh (I've never liked metal tweeters)or having a very light weight bottom end. Anyhow I would appreciate any input I can get. Of course I will be a little skeptical if your trying to sell a pair.
You could always do some research over at the Klipsch website. They have a forum over there and I am sure somebody could give you some useful information.
Well, I hate to say it because I like the Klipsch heritage line but they could very well end up harsh sounding. I prefer either vinyl and/or tubes. If you go SS you need a smooth sounding amp. The horns while providing great dynamics can be harsh sounding and the sound is different. Also they are a little light on the bottom. They are bookshelf speakers. They go down to about 55 Hz. Not bad but if you want bass you'll need a sub or else get another model of klipsch. They have plenty of full-range speakers. I wouldn't buy anything made after 1990 (except the heritage line) though. All the new stuff since the 90s is cheaply made and the designs amplify the bad points of horns.