Any Info on the Ariston RD90 or others

I know of a "new in the box" RD 90 I don't seem to be able to find much about this model on the net, Plenty on RD11. What is this worth(no arm ever mounted)? How does it compare to new turntables in the sub $1000 range. In the past I have used a Thorens td 160mk11, and Sonographe SG3. Any info on the RD 90 will be greatly appreaciated. Thank you
Also considering
Thoren TD160 Super
Sota Sapphire
Sonographe SG-3
The ariston is a nice table. I used one with a Grace arm and a Dynavector MC cartridge. It sounded good, was easy to set up and maintain. Because of the age make sure you renew th bearing oil (Mobil 1 is good) and check the belt for dryness. Don't throw out the packing or instructions.

I currently own a Linn LP12 Valhalla and an RD90. The Ariston is very similar having a musicality missing in many other turntables notably brinkman , VPI and Clearaudio.

I feel the RD90 is better than the LP12 ( It is notably beTter made than the LP12) and misses out only slightly to the original Pink Triangle and Aniversary and possibly the Townshend Elite Rock (not the later Mk n ones)