Any info on TEAC reel to reel cassettes?

Back in the early 80s, Teac came out with some reel to reel cassettes that was kind of unusual. The kit came with one aluminum cassette shell that took interchangable metal reels that was loaded with about 60 minutes worth of high-bias tape. The kit came with 5 of these metal reels. It was cool to watch when played in a tape deck but it was a pain to thread these tapes. I think that was why this product never gained acceptance. Does anyone have any information on this product and where I might be able to get some? Thank you for any replies.
Are you referring to the elcassette?
No, I think the elcassettes were fully enclosed and non-interchangable. These were aluminum frames that can accommodate metal reels.
I still have several of the TEAC cassettes. They certainly looked impressive but I wasn't impressed with their performance. The tape tended to bind in the little metal reels.
I agree with you Hayduke, they look neat but the sound quality lacks any sort of fidelity. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind having some just for the novelty. Think you might be interested in selling some of yours?
would like some of those nice cassettes ,also nakamichi made some similar too