Any Info on Spendor FL-8's ?

Im having a tough time finding info and reviews on the Spendor FL-8's. Even the Spendor website seems to have little to go on. Any info would be appreciated,especially if any one has owned or auditioned these. Thanks!
Contact Vu Huang at Deja Vu Audio in Mclean Virginia. He's a longtime Spendor dealer and he definitely carried that series. He's a straight shooter and has great ears. I have no association, I'm just a happy customer. Good luck and Happy Listening!
Hey Guido! I own the Fl-8's. Bought a demo pair about 3 yrs ago now and I love them. I keep switching back and forth between other sets I own (PSB Stratus Goldi, Spendor S3/5, Usher S-520, Epos ESL3 and a pair of original Advents!) So I'm not the most experienced audiophile out there but I am a decent musician. If I was forced to keep only one pair, it would be the FL-8's. I have a web page that has specs from a French website I found just a few days ago but I don't know how to attach it to this comment. David