Any Info on RS Audio Cables Interconnects?

Am looking at the Silver IC's.
They received a great review in Ultimate Audio FWIW.

Any info or personal experience is appreciated.

See link for details:
I bought 2 pairs of the silver I/C's. I had Kimber Hero with a McCormack RLD-1 & DNA-125. Source is Jolida JD-1000 with upgrade. The Hero's were good but the RScables refined the presentation and defined the soundstage in every direction. I'm probably going to buy their PC also.

BTW, nice company to do business with and their build quality is excellent.
I bought 3 pairs about 6 mos. ago. Connecting audible illusions 3a & mccormack dna .05 deluxe and rega planet cd.
Much better than what I was using ( Kimber PBJ). A little bright at first but very smooth now and great detail. can't
beat the price for silver either.
Thanks for the responses.
I would be connecting a Pioneer Elite DVD/CD source to a Musical Fidelity A300. Using ACI Sapphire 25th Ann Editon monitors which are essentially transparent, but have some warmth.

Looking for smoothness and detail while keeping a full balanced sound.

My present IC's are DH Labs BL 1 Series II which are open and detailed but not as smooth as I would like.
When I was using a darker sounding DIY power cord to the amp and the source they were fine, but my new power cords have opened up the top end greatly and the IC's are showing their weakness.

Just want to make sure that the RS Audio IC's are not too bright.
Just bought their Mark II interconnects and Kevlar powercord. Great stuff...excellent company (they even check to make sure you are the person that ordered online). Been looking for a great interconnect and this is it...a real beauty, crisp, clean, smooth, and tight. Amazing value, especially at this price. There are still some bargains in audio today...just have to look.
Just got my MK II Interconnects today from RS Audio.
Will break them in with 24x7 music through a tuner as RS states at least 100 hours before they sound like they are supposed to.

Will see how they work out. Hope they are as good as folks say they are!
So are the RS Audio cables doing? Mine are starting to mellow out and be well-defined. At first I was a bit skeptical about the interconnects having changed over from a Sonic Horizon less expensive pair, but much more burned-in. The power cord is excellent and really helped out my amplifier, not that it was bad before, but now it is even quieter.

of course...all this burn-in time is driving the family crazy!
Would you be kind enough to elaborate a bit on the kevlar starchord? Particulalry, did you find that it delivered a higher level of detail? How about increased "punch"?? I've been considering this PC for my big integrated amp, but there's not a whole lot of info available besides the manufacturer's website. Too new, maybe?

Well, they seem to be going through some final basic break in and I have about 150 hours on them so far. They seem very very smooth-almost rolled off but still retain a great amount of detail.

The bass did not fill out until after the 120 hour mark.
In fact I thought they were slightly lean until the 120 hour mark. Very extended bass now.

Soundstage depth, width and cohesion is very good. Vocals especially have improved in naturalness.

Overall sound is smooth and neutral and almost lush in my system. As stated, I have a Pioneer DVD/Cd player source and a MF A300 integrated with ACI Sapphire 25th Ann Edtion Monitors and ACI Titan sub.
Am using Ven Haus power cords on amp and source.

The slight glare I had with my previous IC's(DH Labs BL-1 Series II) is not present with the RS Audio MK II's. The DH labs were a bit crisper, but bordered on crispy on some recordings.

My thought right now is trying to decide if the very slightly rolled off sound is to my liking.

At least in my system, it seems like the design has moved it toward musicality versus ultra definition. Since my system seems to be basically neutral it has moved it more toward the warm side. Pure silver-go figure. So much for material stereotypes.

What are your impressions?
I should probably qualify my above initial impressions.

Since I am using the MF A300 I forgot that the linestage for the CD input is actually different (more tube like or rounded according to Sam Tellig) due to an additional active input stage built in.

The other inputs have a more defined, leaner, and airy sound supposedly.

When I A/B'd the inputs with my old IC's I did not hear much difference.

I tried it again tonight with the RS Audio MK II's.

Well, Sam was right. The inputs do sound different. I am using Aux 1 input right now instead of the CD input. More air, a bit crisper, and slightly tighter or leaner. Not a big shift but noticeable even at low volumes (my 2 year old is sleeping right now as I should be).

Having said that- I would now add that the RS Audio Mk II's are transparent as hell. Really stays out of the way of the signal or does not color it for this difference in inputs to manifest itself so easily.

Will listen to the two different inputs and see which works best for me with these cables.

This is a quite nice IC. For 119$ it is a heckuva value it appears.
Thanks for the words Lkdog. As far as the power cord. I am not sure I'm qualified to make a great judgement. I simply was replacing a stock cord. In terms of the comparison to the stock...the RS Audio is amazing. The most obvious difference is the lowering of "static" in the high range. I didn't do any A/B comparison, but after the break-in of the cord, I did feel there was more bass and a more mellow sound (perhaps because of the loss of static).

Now the interconnect I compared a bit back and forth to the Sonic Horizon (daybreak). Now I really enjoy the Sonic Horizon, but felt there was something missing, especially since the daybreak is on the lower end. I updgraded to the RS Audio Mark II and after many days of break-in, I can actually say I hear some difference, if even a greater clarity in soundstage on my system. The family even tells me it sounds maybe that is your answer.
I have the RS Mk II balanced between my Wadia 27ix and my Pass Labs X600's. Never have the Maggies sounded so good. A little closed in and lean at first but after break in...WOW.....replaced my Kimber KCAG. Highly recomended....I plan on getting a few of their power cords as well.