any info on repair of an ead t7000 transport?

i have an ead t7000 has gradually gotten to where it will not read many discs-now skips suddenly wout warning..before i give up on this unit..any one know how or if it can be repaired?ead corporation will not touch it..RWW
Check out this link. They upgraded my t1000 for me. Great work
thanks for the info-noble does not work on this transport.they referred me to another repair who advised me to replace it due to inavailability of parts and difficulty of repair of this particular piece-RWW..thanks for your response.
The T-7000 is a Pioneer 9** series CD/LD/DVD player inside...apparently with very vew critical mods. I'm not absolutely certain which Pioneer DVD model is used for the T-7000 innards, but I've seen it discussed on a Laser Disc forum on the internet.
I'd speak to an authorized Pioneer repair facility, and you'd probably find the model number of the Pioneer LD that EAD used, as well as all the parts you need, and best of all, someone who knows how to fix them.
Yes I know it's a 5 year old thread, but hopefully this can help the next guy.