any info on Petroff Labs full range speakers?

1983 3 way speaker system, 33" tall X 11" deep ,almost triangular with flat top,has 10" poly woofer,kind of like speaker lab,only built to there own deign[acording to the shop that refoamed them]5" mid,2" leaf or ribbon tweeter. Great sounding [why I had these refoamed] anyone have any information? thank you.
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Petroff Audio Labs / Petroff Audio Research is creation of one Michael Petroff. I worked for Mike back in the late 80's building very elaborate home systems. I cannot recall where we sourced the drivers, but they were custom made. Later we started our own line of tube subwoofers for the car audio market under the company IntegralAudio. Mike also sold several analog circuit patents (mostly to control stage/imaging) to Harmon Int'l/JBL et al.

You have a very early set. Hope you enjoy them.