any info on PCW model 900 speakers

2 way monitors made in tacoma wa.has 7 1/2 lb magnet on woofs[866 4ohm,67-92200022 G5] on label on magnet,alsso an unusual metal dome tweeter.heavy blonde oak cabs 16" x 10" x 8", any info would be helpfulbefore I have them refoamed to give them a listen,thank you in advance
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crossovers appear to be wired with 16 gauge Sc Wizard speaker cable,they have gold plated speaker bindings 3way high end, any information will be helpful, thank you in advance
Still no info on these,I refoamed them anyway; Good Score! pecise,very musical,nice presence,and they articulat well, [ not as dark or polite as I would like ] IMO in a league with my Focal Chorus 807`s ,and Sonus Faber Home`s.