Any info on Onkyo Integra TX 108

I recently purchased a used Integra amp tuner and I can't find any information on it. Does anyone know anything about this receiver
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It was sold around 1986 or so,100 WPC FTC rated.
APR tuner that automatically set IF band,Hi Blend,Mono/Stereo,etc.Remote control with motor driven volume control.
The Integra line had the Rosewood side panels and could be linked for remote control and tape dubbing with other Integra components,
They made a line of tape decks,CD players,tuners and integrated amps.
I got one for free, its quite a beauty, i use it for all my sound outputs (even computer) ^^
I used to sell these. This was Onkyo's top of the line Integra receiver, back when that meant something. Very clean amp, decent tuner, 100 wpc. If a stereo receiver will meet your needs, this one is a beauty.
I feel like I am dusting off cob webbs here. If you are still interested in info on this piece, e-mail me @