any info on musical fidelity nu-vista m3

I am looking at purchasing this intergrated amp to drive my nautilus 804's with a Linn genki cd player. Currently the amp is the Linn lk140 and pre amp is the Linn wakonda. Any opinions regarding the above integrated or other separates in the nu-vista's price range or possibly $2,000 more. I want to maintain some of the warmth of the Linn system, but want more bottom end and soundstaging.
I have the Linn Genki and the N803s so I am pretty familiar with the sound you have. I would highly recommend the M3 or the Mark Levinson 383 integrated to keep the warmth of the Linn system but to dramatically increase the resolution, bass control and soundstaging. You will not be disappointed with either of the above amps.
You can read user reviews at
The comments are, all of them, are accurate for this unit. I use the M-3 and am very satisfied. So far I have no urge to upgrade.