Any info on Infinity Modulus 1 monitors

Considering purchasing a pair of infinity modulus 1 monitors for bedroom use...they have the long throw woofer and emit tweeter...i'm assuming a ribbon affair. Their site was slow and ended up not having info on their glowing past. ITs either these or paradigm 20's. Any thought amp yet, I'm building from the speakers out.


I owned these many, many years ago and barely remember them through the fog of at least a dozen upgrades since. I think you'd probably be better off with the Paradigms which in a brief demo sounded much more integrated to me than I remember the Infinity to sound. Just an opinion though, be sure to listen to both if you can.
They both have strengths and weaknesses. The Infinity Modulus system has the better high end by far, and the transient response is awesome. You will hear details that elude other systems. However, vocals can sound somewhat nasal, and there is no bass (upper or lower) to speak of. The Paradigms will reproduce these areas better.

HOWEVER, if you combine the Modulus satellites with their dedicated crossover and subwoofer, a totally different picture emerges, with a cohesive sound from top to bottom (although somewhat lacking in the deepest bass and dynamics compared to today's better subwoofers). Bottom line: if you're going to use a subwoofer, get the Infinitys. Otherwise, sonically and budgetwise, you're better off with the Paradigms.

Final note: if you're talking about the Paradigm ACTIVE 20's, throw all the preceding out the window, and buy those.

I ended up with a pair of reference 3a monitors gen. 2 which just sounded right...and I got them on ebay for $350 with stands...sometimes life is sweet.