Any info on Design Acoustics?

I'm certain they're not the sort of high-end speakers most folks here listen to but I thought someone might be able to tell me if they're considred to be of at least middling quality.

The ones I have are bookshelf speakers (PS-55) I know I didn't spend much money on them when I bought them in the early 90s but looking at them last night I was surprised that they sounded pretty good and the overall quality seemed to be at least better than the Sony bookshelfs I've got.

My plan is to use them with a mico stereo system to replace the powered speakers that came with my computer.

They sound pretty good to me and I know that's all that really matters but I'm just curious to find out if I may have actually made a good purchase back before the age of the internet when sales people were taking even more advantage of me than they do today.

Thanks for any help.
I remember Design Acoustics from "back in the day" and I remember them as being a good quality mass market speaker. If I recall correctly, I think they were a very good value speaker. Not the best, but sounded good for the price.


evolved into signet......very good balanced speakers for bookshelves. better than many small current monitors
The Design Acoustics PS10's are great sounding speakers period.I owm many,many hi end speakers and these were a bargain in there day and still perform like the day I bought them.For there size and power handling ability let alone how good they sound,I'll never part with mine.

I heard a pair of Design Acustics D-6 speakers in the mid- 70's, and that began my addiction to this hobby. Never owned them, but I thought they were great at the time.
If you like omnidirectional speakers, D-6s and D-12s were some of the great omnis many years ago.
I own 3 pairs of design acoustics model # PS-6, they have a 6.5'' woofer and a 3/4'' fabric dome tweeter, they are a sealed enclosure. The crossover design is a simple 2nd order configuration. To me they sound almost as good as any high end speaker from 1985 or today. their sound is detailed without being too bright and the bass that comes out of that woofer is rated at about 50 HZ which is very good for a .38 cu. ft. enclosure. The tweeter is one of the most natural sounding tweeters that I've ever heard, very airy sounding with no harshness at all.
Hope this helps
If you can pick up a pair of PS-6's you wont be sorry!
There is more information on the pre (George Siole's Design "D" series) and post Audio Technica buy-out (Point Source "PS" series) Design Acoustics at the Design Acoustics Yahoo! Group.

- JP