Any Info on Bel Canto e.One DAC 3 USB Upgrade?

Wondering if anyone knows when the 24/96 USB upgrade will be available for the DAC 3 and what the cost will be.

I've read in other places it's going to be an external USB powered box that converts to optical, which seems strange to me, as I thought initial reports hinted at async and an internal upgrade. I know the computer audiophile blogger said he heard it, but didn't elaborate much on the sound. Any further info is appreciated.

It's available now. It's an outboard USB powered box that receives USB 24/96 and converts it to coaxial SPDIF. I think it's priced around $500.00. Hope this helps.
I believe it is not available now, but will be shortly (within a month). Contact Bel Canto.
I contacted Bel Canto and haven't heard anything back, hence my post here.