any info here on Belles 1??

Dont know anything about this unit, saw one and wonder how it would work with Quad esl-63? Help!! I'm into 2 channel stereo : Jazz, Classic, Instrumental vocals........I have a Meridian 541 Preamp, an Audio Pro Sub(B250) MI-330 plus cableing, Theta Pro Basic 2 Dac. Can anybody help me here?,,,,,,,,,,,,Gene
This is an older model amplifier from Belles. I have owned one from 1986 that I use with Rogers LS3/5A Speakers. The amp is 100 watts per channel and gives a warm sound. I have not heard the ESL loudspeakers so would not be able to help you their. The reliability of the amp is very good. I have had it repaired once in 1989.
You know i heard this amp its a very good amp,
I have a feeling you need more power than 100 watt
if you play classical music.I might be wrong. IMO.