any info about Clearaudio Performance DC

Clearaudio is replacing the Performance SE with the Performance DC. It will use the Verify arm instead of the Satisfy and have a new motor and platter material. Has anyone heard the Performance DC or have any additional information about it?
Hello Robkapl,

The new Performance model is not complete and is not on the market yet. There are going to be some evolutionary changes from the Performance SE including the motor and platter. All of the exact changes are not set as of last report.

It will be available with a carbon fiber armtube version of the Verify tonearm, called the Magnify. Along with that tonearm it is expected at this point that any of the pivoted Clearaudio tonearms will fit this turntable, as well as other brands of tonearms, just like the Performance SE.

However, as I mentioned, this new model is not complete as yet and will probably not be for another several weeks. You can expect an announcement about the product when it is released.

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Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC