Any info about Altec stereo console

I have the chance to pick up a neat old home stereo console with a Sherwood tuner, turntable and Uher reel to reel. I know...the components are not all that great. But the console cabinet perfectly matches the cabinets of the (2) Altec Valencias that are included. Does anyone have any information about these old Altec consoles?
Sometimes vintage equipment can surprise you in how good it can sound. It can sound bad, as well, but if you can get a really good deal, it may be worth taking a chance. Personally, I've always wanted to try reel to reel. I would consider it just for that.
Altec, like Bozak and others, produced equipment cabinets to match their speaker cabinets. Most came empty and the user could populate them as he wanted.
Thanks! I didn't know that these "console" cabinets came empty and people filled them with components they chose themselves. How cool!! My plan is to remove the existing components and replace them with a Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel, a Pioneer SX980 receiver and a Pioneer PL-41 turntable. I have all of those just sitting in storage anyways. Plus the whole theing will come WITH a nice pair of Altec Valencias. How can I go wrong??

"How can I go wrong??"

Spoken like a true audiophile. I told myself that one many times.
Ampex 351: On another website I visit, the term describing your good fortune is called a "gloat" and upon reviewing the circumstances and quality of the acquisition, along with
mandatory photographic evidence, the required response
is "you suck."

Not trying to cause an uproar here, unless the trend is established and continues, let me say in a more refined way, "you did well."