Any Infinity SL series fans?

Anybody familiar with the SL series? I believe these came out in the early 90s before Infinity was bought any rate...I picked up a pair of SL 30s for my second system
and have been very impressed...imaging is surprisingly very good for a budget speaker of this era...percussion, cymbals,etc are rendered with a great deal of realism and excitement...vocals are have nice depth if lacking a bit of 3-d magic...and bass is very full bodied if at times a tad over ripe...but im nitpicking...i have owned GMA,vandersteen,paradigm,meadowlark,etc over the years...and although these are not quite in that league...they do enough things very well to not embarrass themselves...and for $20 with stands!...warning...these are large bookshelves...and are a bit of a paradox...a 2-way standmount that works best in larger rooms...and with a sound that is very nuetral and competitive even by modern standards...enjoy
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I've used SL 50s as my mains for 18 years. I like them a lot and will never sell them. Since new they have been powered by a Technics amp. If I every upgrade my amp or speakers, the Technics and Infinities will stay together because I am so used to the way they sound. :)

They cost about $600.00 for the pair back in the day. They are mint, including the original surrounds. I don't think they were very popular, as I don't see many mentions of the series online.