Any Infinity Intermezzo 4.1T Owners ?

I am interested by these speakers. I have read lots of reviews regarding the 2.6, but none about he 4.1, I wonder why...
How do they perform ?
I have the prelude MTS & would expect the 4.1 to perform similarly. Only difference appears to be the use of a single 6 1/2" driver for the 85-300 range rather than 4 4 1/2" drivers for similar range in the prelude. Cabinet in 4.1 is cast alum. vs extruded alum. in prelude. Driver built quality appears the same. I do have a pair of the intermezzo 1.2 subs & they appear identical to prelude subs w/different cabinet(wood vs cast alum.) has the 4.1 for $2987pr. incl. shipping(on sale til 11th?) I also have an interlude 12" sub which is of substantially lower build quality (stamped driver baskets vs. cast baskets & lower quality magnet structures & cabinets).
Thank you so much for the info. Are you pleased with the Preludes ?
I like the preludes (had the prelude composition previously)very neutral,smooth & efficient. Using with ARC tube equip.
Thanks again. I placed my order with OneCall today.
Best regards.