Any inexpensive ways to check acoustic response

Is there any way to check the actual frequency response presentation of my rig at home? I want to accurately check how my rig performs to identify if there are specific problem areas that require attention, e.g., exaggerated bandwidths or suck-outs. Perhaps a test disc and hand held SPL meter at Radio Shack???
Yep, HH meter and test disc although some of the meters do not respond well above 10k. Check the manual and if so you will have to adjust your readings. Also be care full how you hold the meter. If to close to your midriff you will exaggerate some of the reading in the mid bass.
Thanks Jjrenman. Can you advise on the brand names and where I can buy the meter and test disc? My thought is to check the readings from my listening chair.

Btw, to supplement my OP a bit, the reason I want to check the actual acoustics at my chair is because there are so many possible causes of significant "colorations" starting from simply bad recordings, to mismatched amp/speaker, the room, etc., that I have to start somewhere and work my way back.

As far as the "standard" comment about trusting one's ears, my response is, I don't. As said, too many variables and in my case at least, it's more likely than not, if the acoustic presentation is really off at my listening chair, I probably just got used to it.

There is a simple solution: Room EQ Wizard ( and a RS sound level meter. The software is free and the RS meter is cheap. It will have some FR issues at the low end but is adequate.

The next steps up are to:
1. Get a better microphone for REW. See MiniDSP.
2. Get an alternative mic/software package. See XTZ and Omnimic.
For a moderately priced unit check out Parts Express, Radio Shack or Fry's. Search either spl meter or sound meter.... It is tedious to do it this way as you have to transpose your readings off of an A or C weighting. If you can spend a little more money there are computer programs, assuming you have a notebook, with calibrated mic's that will save you a lot of time and hassle. Check out the Dayton Audio Omnimic V2 at Parts Express.

I heard that there are app's that you can put on a smart phone but I'd be concerned with accuracy.