Any inexpensive quality XLR cables?

Need 3 runs of 3 meters becuase Im moving my rear channel amp. It also runs my center channel. I put all my quality cabling on the front end for {stereo} So I do not want to spend a fortune for the surround, yet I do not want garbage either. I saw on one web site Monster Studio Link at 39.00 per cable. Never heard of them. All suggestions welcome.
Ive scaned all the classifieds , tough to find 3 meter cabling at a reasonable price. Top budget around $200.00 total. THX
Try and find some studio XLR interconnects that would probably be your best price:performance ratio with your price range.
The Sound Quest XLR's are pretty darned neutral. I have a 4 meter pair that retailed at $350. The new three meter might not be quite within your price range, but look for some used and you can't go wrong. For even less money, try the Phoenix Gold Pro Series -- I'm running the RCA versions on my HT system throughout and it sounds pretty good. Good luck.
Apogee wyde-eyed. About $50 a piece, digital and standard interconnects.
Ozfly is right on with the Phoenix Gold Pro. I picked up a used pair of 6-meter XLR on A-gon for $90. They are very neutral. I use them in my second system (between a Music Fidelity A3CR pre & a Plinius 8200P amp), but wouldn't feel slighted to have them in my primary system if needed.
You might want to be the lucky first one here to try out Roger Sanders' InnerSound interconnects (see the thread from the other day about his white paper). He sells these direct quite inexpensively, and offers a 30-day trial for full refund if not satisfied. Haven't heard 'em, but check out the website or call him personally.
Zaikesman, I have been running InnerSound Balanced for about 5 months and am very pleased with the results. I am using an 8M pair between amp and preamp.
Kimber 'Tonic' (new model).
$82 for 1.0m pair (less for non balanced).
These are surprisingly good, and very inexpensive and well made.

Link to for sale ad on this site (click).

We are a stocking Kimber dealer.
You could check Pro Audio websites. They sell stuff that does not look pretty, but is effective and inexpensive.
Also take a look at Analysis Plus copper oval-in, a good cable for not a lot of money. Good Luck, Mike.
I strongly recommend you see for XLR cables. I have tried all sorts of XLR and these are exceptional value and more than that they are just plain excellent. Trust your ears if you get them and not your insecurities. Also check out their white paper on cables.