Any improvement from CJ 17LS preamp to Cary SLP-05

I currently have the 17LS which sounds really good but I feel like there could be an improvement.  Would the SLP-05 sound be significantly better than the 17LS?

I guess I could go with the newer CJ models, but I really like the "sexy" design of the SLP-05 with the glowing tubes and all that.  

I currently also have a Pass Labs XP10 which is also very good, but the 17LS being tube just makes music much more well musical.  
I would call Bill Thalmann and talk to him about what can be done with that Premier 17 IF you like but want to dramatically improve it’s performance. Bill was once Technical director at CJ. That’s what I’d do. Unlikely the Cary would be "significantly" better, more like different and possibly preferable or maybe not same with a newer CJ. If you want sexy and glowing tubes Supratek might also be a possibility.