Any impressions on new Gini/JAS SET integrated amp

There were quite a few glowing reports on a new Class A, integrated SET amp from Gini at the NY show. Anybody have any experience, knowledge of these amps?
I spent quite a bit of time listening to the GINI system(s) at the show. The demo used the Array 2.1 integrated as a power amp and the Array 1.1 pre-amp. One session used the Orsa monitor. Another used the Orsus floor-stander in another. I was thoroughly impressed with how musical the system was. The talking the the JAS reps, they wanted to demo both the integrated and the pre-amp but were very clear that the 2.1 is simply a single chassis for the 1.1 and 2.1. The Orsus is a great full-range speaker.
The amps are Class A, well built and mated very well with the JAS speakers. I thought they were a bargain at the price. The Orsus is like $3800.00 and the Array 2.1 is like $3k. Here's their web page:
According to the demonstrator I spoke with, another reason to demonstrate their preamp feeding amp portion of an integrated amp (a redundant situation) was said to be the more beautiful sound from the tubes selected for use in the separate preamp. Seemed to be among the most musically enjoyable rooms at the show, at prices that are not frightening.