Any impressions of Almarro 205a mk.ii integrated?

anyone have experience with this integrated? i have omega super 3 speakers (fostex single driver) and am interested in this piece. what does this sound like? any comparisons? thanks
The Almarro A205A MkII with the Omega Super 3 speakers are a match made in heaven. I recently auditioned the amp with the Super 3Rs, basically a Super 3 with some upgraded components and cabinet damping. I heard the system at Witch Doctor Audio in Montclair (Oakland, CA). The sound was so holographic, I could almost step into it. I was surprised at the, speed, detail and bass extension. The Almarro amp is extremely quiet and well capable of driving the Omegas to uncomfortably loud volume levels. I am happy with my current system, but I will get this combination for a second system. This has to be one of the ultimate bargains in audio (approx. $1,500). I have heard systems costing over $10,000 that couldn't touch this one.
I am in Melbourne,Australia.I have an almarro A205 amplifier myself and use it with a pair of Corals Beta 10s.
The sound is very musical and warm.In my opinion the Fostex(new made in China crap) it's not good.It may be cheap but it sounds harsh and horrible.Regards Daniel
I have a mkII. driving harsh, terrible Chinese fostex drivers, double BEN's actually.... I don't know if it's the cabinets, or the mkII, but for some reason those little fostex drivers are kicking the crap out of anything I've heard around here!
Heh heh.
The akg 701's manage to sound pretty damn good too!