Any Imelda May fans out there

Her new album was just released and I think it's awesome.  Production and sound quality are excellent.  Completely different than her earlier stuff (which I like) and that makes it all the more interesting.
Love her. Never liked rockabilly much until I heard her. Sexy as hell, too.
Yes thanks to Jeff Beck!
@frogman My daughter actually brought her to my attention when Tribal came out - said she thought I would like her.  Like you, I've never been into rockabilly much but her lyrics seem to have a little more depth than you usually find in the genre.  She has a tremendous voice ... and her looks don't hurt either.

@shadorne Yep, that was a nice pairing.  Having T Bone Burnett produce didn't hurt either.

Would love to see her in concert but, at this point, she not coming anywhere close to me.

I may try the HiRez download.


@ozzy I was thinking the same thing.  If you do, let me know what you think.
My Irish wife turned me on to her great voice
Love Imelda, waiting for her new album from the library. Sounds interesting (no pun intended).
The Rock and Roll Party with Jeff Beck DVD is stunning as is her performance. She can sing. I actually prefer Love Tatoo over her other CD's. 
Love Imelda May!  I have everything she's ever done on vinyl.  Found about her several years ago after I saw her on "Later....with Jools Holland."

She does have a tremendous voice.
@mcondo After discovering her I watched some of the YouTube videos of her performances.  As I said, I'd love to see her in concert!

@mofimadness Yeah, I wish I'd found her earlier.  However, as much as I liked Tribal (and the earlier albums too), I REALLY like Life. Love. Flesh. Blood.