Any ideas on the Bryston BDA-1 DAC

Anyone using this? what have you compared it with? how does it perform compared to other well know dac's out there?
Check some of the previous threads for comparisons, there are quite a few of us using the Bryston DAC. It was the last of 8 DAC's I tried, including the Berkeley, Bel Canto, Modded PS Audio, MHDT Labs (great, btw), etc...

Bryston is the best that I have heard.
No idea myself but stereophile just released a review. It's on their website.
Mine is on order and should be here new week.
I currently am using a 'stone age' DAC I bought many many moons ago: An Adcom DA700.
I am hoping the new Bryston can bring me into the 21st Century, even if only briefly.
Would anyone upgrade from a benchmark to the Byrston if you really enjoyed the benchmark?
I had a Benchmark, it was not in the same league. I would put the MHDT Labs Havana and the Bel Canto Dac3 ahead of the Benchmark as well. I thought the Benchmark was very bright sounding.
might want to include the Ayre on your short list in that range...
Thanks. They Ayre is USB only. I only use spdif in. Ayre working on an spdif only model but they have a directon issue. Not sure if they want to make a $4,000 dac or a $15,000 DAC. My question was only as respects the Bryston. My Benchmark, in my system, doesn't sound bright at all. It is very musical, wide soundstage, detailed. Powercords and IC's made a big deal with it. I also have a very neutral system, which, I feel, really makes the Benchmark sing. I don't want to go for a lateral move. if I change Dacs, I want it to be a large upgrade, if thats possible. Maybe Esoteric D07 when available to audition. The Bryston catches my eye for the price.

If you still enjoy the Benchmark, stay with it. I tried it for over a month comparing it to the Trivista back and forth in two different systems, I had to return the Benchmark even though it sounded great compared to a Micromega dac which used to be one of my favorite single bit machines. I used an Audience Powercord on the Benchmark and it was very very nice for sure. The Bryston I have auditioned at some stores, very impressive and in one particular area compared to almost all dac's I have heard. There is this weird three dimensional presence like when I used to play one of my older records by George Harrison “The Best Off” EMI pressing from 1974 where you ended up listening to a bell ring and immediately run upstairs to get the door and come back down and hit replay and run back up to get the door and after wearing out you realized its from the music. That’s kind off stuff and that caused me to give it a much longer listen at the store.

So I am auditioning this unit very soon in my system and just wanted to know what others thought about this particular dac.
Thanks, Rapogee. I do enjoy the Benchmark. It isn't at the same level as my cd player, but enjoyable for sure. I would like something that equals my CD rig, which is why I am considering the esoteric, though no real need to spend the bucks now. The benchmark is for my squeezebox-casua listen and very enjoyable. When I want to listen seriously (and critically), it's the cd player or vinyl-for now.