Any ideas on Amp selector boxes?

Hey. I have only one set of speakers but would like to connect a couple different systems to them without having to disconnect speaker cables (spades so not too easy). I want to be able to have tubes or SS at the flick of a switch but cannot seem to find any boxes (and cables) to do this. Plenty of speaker selectors but no amp selectors. Any ideas? Thanks. Arthur
I looked into doing this a couple of months ago. the only thing I could find was made by Niles Audio but it only had spring clips. I gave up. If you find one, let me know.

Yes there is one out there that I am currently using but I don't think it will take spades. Its made by Niles (Cost Around $80) and it consists of only a push button. Out for amp #1, In for amp #2 so one of the amps is always one line with the speakers. I have this set up for my home theater so I can switch between my HT Received and a McIntosh 2 channel system. Works great! Good Luck.
I have thought about this too. Could it be possible to simply use two sets of speaker cables (one to each amp), and ensure that only one amp is on at a time? Would this work? Also - what if both amps happened to be on at the same time? Any ideas?
sure enough Niles has one for two amps and one set of speakers. I will definately be looking into it. Thanks everyone for the replies. Arthur
What happens when two amps are on at the same time, one wins and one loses. The loser ends up in the repair shop.

I did this when I was young, not the best equipment. JVC receiver and a Denon poa-2400 or something along those lines.

Granted with better designed amps that shut down with a short this might not happen, but I will not try this again. All it takes is one opps...

Use banana speaker terminations? Easy to switch.

hey marty
There is an interlock, of course. My amps don't take banana terminations so I use spades. Arthur