Any ideas?? ARC CD 3 doesn't work

I went to fire up my CD 3 Mk 2 this morning and it is completely black! I slid the door, I tried the remote, I pushed the STD By button, I changed the power cord, I checked the fuse box, I plugged in something else to insure the outlet was OK and the case is stone cold. I have a local service outlet I can take it tomorrow, I am crushed.
Any ideas what might have happen??
Funny you should ask, I just heard from ARC yesterday that the CD 3 is ready to come home (yeah!!). Everything else was fine but... they did have to replace 5 caps in the power supply and did just some maintainence lubing the transport and also replaced the slide door as it had gotten scratched. A Venom Defender will be here today or tomorrow as it would seem obvious that I had a spike that caused the failure. I'll sure be glad when it gets home again. Thank you for your suggestions and your input.
I'd prefer not to but, the cost was very reasonable (imho) and was less than what I had feared it might be and the Venom Defender just arrived as I was writing this too, so I'm a happy guy today and the CD 3 is on it's journey back home to me :). Huge Kudos ARC for their outstanding customer service and communication! I'll post a follow up on how it sounds in a couple of weeks.