Any idea which headphones I’d like?

I’ve sold all of my 2-channel gear, and am stepping into the headphone realm.  Unfortunately, there is no place around me that sells high end headphone gear.  I loved Dynaudio and Harbeth speakers.  I ran the Confidence C4’s, and Harbeth Super HL5+ on Pass Labs XA amps.  I’m open to input as to which headphones would encapsulate the qualities of those speakers.  Any input is greatly appreciated.
@toddcowles understood.
Another option is The Cable Company. You can audition headphones and headphone amplifiers at home for 5% of the retail price for a period of two weeks. I believe whatever you spend on "renting" that equipment will get put into a pot and applied toward your final purchase regardless of what it was you auditioned. You can try 3 headphones and decide to apply those 5% fees towards an amplifier, for example.
Check with them.

That's a nice, healthy budget.

I too am moving away from 2 channel and into a good headphone setup.

I already have the Focal Elegias for a closed back, and I'm waiting on a backordered Schiit Lyr 3.  I plan on also adding a Bifrost 2 and a pair of Meze Empyreans around bonus time.  Hopefully that will do it for me.

Good luck.

I know you said you don't want a tube setup but the Woo WA6-SE V2 is killer. Only two tubes and a rectifier.  With stock tubes in, rolled the rectifier to a Sofia Princess and the Kennerton Rognir planar Headphones, this setup seriously rivals my Magnepan 3.7. All for just over 5k. Largest soundstage for phones that I've ever heard. One must love the planar sound however, I've had maggies for over 30 years now so it wasn't odd for me to have these. I still have Audeze LCD3 which I'm going to sell, (maybe) and Grado SR125 and GS3000e.  The GS3000e will always be a keeper too.  Good luck. 



+1 on Woo

With the funds you have you can put together a truly phenomenal system.

I have Focal Utopia and Sennheiser 800s headphones, among others. When I got my Woo WA5 the big differences between these two very different headphones disappeared. They were given so much natural sounding power that their individual shortcomings were overcome. If I haven’t mentioned it, you can see my system if you click on my ID. I have had a couple dozen variants as I built the system I have today. The sound is noting short of spectacular. You could be well on your way to it with your budget. With really good electronics, very good headphones start to converge on a very realist sound. Woo can really help you get there... a good streamer and audiophile DAC required as well of course.