Any idea which headphones I’d like?

I’ve sold all of my 2-channel gear, and am stepping into the headphone realm.  Unfortunately, there is no place around me that sells high end headphone gear.  I loved Dynaudio and Harbeth speakers.  I ran the Confidence C4’s, and Harbeth Super HL5+ on Pass Labs XA amps.  I’m open to input as to which headphones would encapsulate the qualities of those speakers.  Any input is greatly appreciated.
Dynaudio has always been a high-end hi-fi brand - and it's not looking to give over any of that market any time soon.
@mastering92  sorry for the late reply.  Best wishes and good health to your mother. I hope you all get through that. 

All, thanks for the comments and input.  Tons of info and thoughts to pour over.  
@toddcowles I too have sold off all my two channel, loudspeaker stuff and have allocated all of funds towards my headphone system.
That system now consists of a Metrum Pavane L3 DAC, Luxman p750u headphone amp and HiFiman Arya ’phones.

I chose the Arya because I like the planar magnetic sound. Some people claim the Arya is bright but I’ve never experienced that. To me, they have a velvety smoothness in the midrange that I look for in a good headphone.
The bass has tremendous weight but it’s not the lightning fast, tight, accurate and very detailed bass of the 3 Focals I had here, ( Elear, Clear and Stellia).
Those headphones, especially the Stellia, did many things amazingly well. All three were undoubtedly the most dynamic and hard-hitting headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Sometimes I really, really like that. I almost felt it in my gut.

So anyway, it’s difficult for me to think what headphone would work best for you when you describe your loudspeakers. It would be easier for me to recommend a headphone with my very limited knowledge in this subject, to ask what it is exactly you want from your headphone.

If you like amazing speed and detail, lightning fast Dynamics, and hard-hitting sound, I would recommend something like the Focals. All of those characteristics get better the further up the line you go. However their  sound stage is slightly too small for me.

If you prefer a very buttery, velvety smoothness in midrange, nicely detailed highs exceptional base response with a wider soundstage, then I would go planar magnetic.
Something like HiFi man or Audeze.

What’s your budget?
@devilboy thanks for the input.  My budget was in the $10 - $13k range.   I’m a little paralyzed over which direction to head and really want to listen to some of these setups.  Hence, I’m plopping my money in my eTrade account and waiting to attend a CanJam, or possibly RMAF.  I didn’t want to, thought I’d move forward easily with a purchase.  But, as many pointed out, you just really need to hear them as there’s not a comparison.  It’s a different listening environment, elements, space…everything is different about the hearing process vs a loudspeaker.  So, rather than forge ahead, I’m waiting.  I’ll likely wait until the 2022 CanJam in Chicago, or the RMAF…global pandemic aside.