Any idea which headphones I’d like?

I’ve sold all of my 2-channel gear, and am stepping into the headphone realm.  Unfortunately, there is no place around me that sells high end headphone gear.  I loved Dynaudio and Harbeth speakers.  I ran the Confidence C4’s, and Harbeth Super HL5+ on Pass Labs XA amps.  I’m open to input as to which headphones would encapsulate the qualities of those speakers.  Any input is greatly appreciated.
“ is that a Woo Audio tube setup, by chance?”

Yes, my system has a Woo WA5-LE. I have had several Woo amps WA6… and WA6se. Each in turn sounded better and had more power. I wanted to go a couple steps further. And it was well worth it. The WA5 has enormous power and beautiful midrange bloom. They are just magical to listen to… but not in any artificial way… incredibly musical. I get hooked on listening because I am enjoying it so much. It took control of all of my headphones and pretty much told them it was in charge. So, the peculiarities of the headphone disappeared and they all started sounding like the electronics I had chosen.

For the tubes. After receiving the amp I was enchanted and loved the power and realism it brought to all my headphones. So I got the upgraded tubes that Woo recommended.. the Takatsuki 300B. I upgraded the others as well. The Takatsuki are glorious.

The change in my headphone system was so profound and fundamental that it caused my to completely revamp my main system… going to all ARC tubed gear. I think doubling the investment in that system. While all of this was expensive, my systems sound much better than I ever thought they could.
Since you have a healthy budget and are juggling #dadlife (I fully relate)...

Consider Abyss. Their flagship AB-1266 Phi TC which starts at ~5K. 

I’d say the one thing I’ve always really liked is a large soundstage.  I prefer a warmer midrange, with accurate bass vs analytical

The 1266 will deliver on soundstage (unlike most headphones) and on accurate bass. Midrange is neutral and can be nudged warmer with the amplification you choose. As I mentioned in my previous post, pairing with high quality amplification is a requirement.

If you want to step back (somewhat) in spend, then the Abyss Diana Phi. There is a current Agon listing for an unopened Diana Phi in the Bronze finish.

The Focal Utopia is my current reference, so I am partial to Focal (as well).

Flagship IEMs are another option, in case you haven't considered.

However --- I'll restate: you need to figure out the right combination of headphone and amplification for yourself.

I choose the premium parts upgrade and upgraded all tubes… Takatsuki 300B, Sophia 274B (I love the look and have used them before) and upgraded driver tubes (their offering for driver tubes are a bit different now.
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