Any idea where to find Micro Seiki tonearm parts?

Specifically the main counterweight and arm pipe screw for an Ma-505III. I have already tried Ebay, machine shop, etc. Looking for more specific info. Thanks!
I've hunted for parts over the years and only found miscellaneous ebay sales. You may need to buy a second arm to have spare parts on hand. If you find another source, please let us know.
The counterweight, and arm wand.. For ANY TT are nearly impossible to aquire.
My rule is NEVER buy a TT missing the spindle, platter, headshell, armwand, or counterweight!! The TT may seem like a great bargain, but trust me, it is NOT!
In general, do not buy a TT missing anything!(except TT that are designed to accept other arms, then no arm is ok)
Anyone with a spare part, is NOT gonna sell it. Unless you can make an offer they can't refuse. ((they are your mother in law...etc..)
As a Micro-Seiki collector, the best place to find parts is to join the Micro-Seiki user group on Yahoo:

They are a great resource and have access to many parts and information. I am a long time member.
also try these folks :
The counterweights or their replacements are occasionally available in Japan. I'd have thought a 'NOS original armpipe screw' would be impossible to find, but could probably be replaced with another '3rd party' screw. I will take a look around for the C/W.

Elizabeth, the other way to do it is to only buy TTs where the parts can be found. For Micro Seiki 1500-series TTs, and things like Garrard 301s, all parts can be found given a bit of time (and the willingness to part with money for them).
For the weights, there is a guy here who sells MA-505-series main weights and sub weights (his store is a metal workshop). The main weight is JPY 9,000 (about US$90), and the subweight JPY 1,000 less (about $10 less). To me that is a fair bit (shipping would add a bit but not much) but 'parts arms' go for more, and I don't know what a machinist where you are would charge. There is another guy who does MS parts and I will try to get his name/site and post it here soon.
I am looking for a motor or rotor (spindle and magnet) for my DQX 1000.
Any infomation of where I can get this from is highly appreciated.
Also, look on eBay for a machinist who sells anti-skate weights for Dynavector tonearms and the like, "Peter" by name I think. Contact him. He can make anything. He made a perfect reproduction of a main counterweight for my DV505 (the thing that looks like a small hockey puck at the rear of the pivot point), at the exact correct weight as well.
Hi T_bone. Any idea where I can find a Kenwood headshell for the KD-770D, the one with the straight armwand but uses SME style connector with angled detachable headshell? So so very hard to find...


No clue other than to wait for one to come around. I know they made them
for after-sale because I saw a table in Japan years ago which came with
something like 5 extra headshells still in their boxes. I think the KP-07M
made by Micro is the only other 'Kenwood family' table with a straight arm
and SME-type headshell mount (and I am only going off what I t-h-i-n-k the
KP-07M headshell is having seen the arm a few times.

That said, you might try something else... there was a cheapo Denon table
made until 4-5yrs ago called the DP-300F. It had the same kind of headshell
I am pretty sure. Given there is a Japanese standard which defines the
headshell collar to stylus tip distance at exactly a certain distance, it will
probably work if you can get the offset angle right. Try googling "PCL-
310" or "Denon DP-300F headshell". The mounting distance
is a full inch shorter (Denon shorter) so the offset angle will probably be off,
but the Denon headshell has long slots to mount the cart so I bet you could
angle the cart out a couple of degrees to get it right. You could probably find
one cheap enough on fleapay to have a crack at it.

Harmon Kardon also made straight arms with removable headshells back in
the day, and perhaps others did too.

The other solution would be to put a different arm on, or just wait for the
Kenwood headshell (either for the KD-770D or the KP-07M) to come up on
Can anyone help to tell me where can I find balance weight of MA303. I believe it should be consider as sub-weight. This the weight that screw on it at the end.
Please help!