Any idea what this goo is on my record?

I received a really, really nice looking record today. Not so much as a fine scuff on it. Its a 1950's Prestige and as unmarked a record as I've seen. When I got it home the surface looked kind of hazy so I hit it with the Disc Dr, vacuuming off the rinse watter. I put it on the TT and the intro dead grooves are terribly noisey. The same on side B. It doesn't sound bad playing but the spaces between tracks and quiet passages are very noisy - scratchy like an old 78. No pops or ticks - the record is really unmarked - but noisy. The vinyl is still a little hazy looking too. Might this be some prior owner's misguided attempt to apply some preservative? If so, any idea how to get it off the record?
Steam Clean it and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.
Steam clean it with what?
With a steam clean unit from Walmart, I bought one a month or two ago for under $30.00 but practice with really bad vinyl that wont be missed so you dont warp anything.... vac off steam and enjoy.
I have found that it is impossible to visually grade an LP with any accuracy. I have LP's that look beautiful and play horribly and I have LP's that look like they should be noisy and not listenable and are quite pleasing.
Perhaps the record was played with an inferior needle or misadjusted cartridge and has unseen groove ware.
I do use a steam cleaner and it helps, but not as much as the Disc Doctor fluid and brushes. Sometimes, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
I may try the steam. I'm pretty sure there is someting on the record because the dead wax is also hazy and it looks like there are liquid marks. Dullness from wear would usually be limited to the grooves.

What about using something stronger, like Windex? I can't see what I have to lose other than a really noisy record.
Could be the owner used wet playing technique - water or water/armour-all solution. Should come off with water and bounty towel.
"Water/Armour-All solution"?!! Played wet?! Good grief! That sounds like something out of the dark ages. What on earth was that supposed to accomplish?
Grimace: Most likely the noise is created by release compounds that have hardened over 50+ years to the likes of concrete. No easy solution to the problem, not even steaming works well enought to remove that "concrete".

One note on Steam Cleaning LPs. Just steaming and micro cloth drying is ok for very clean recordings. But, as the guy that perfected and published the merits of steaming in audio mags long before others got on the bandwagon, be careful going solo without record cleaning fluids. Steam alone is not a cure all however, with the proper technique,the correct brushes, a RCM and rinsing, most(not all) substances can be removed. As noted on the Steaming Thread products such as "last" and "Sound Guard" age leaving a hard impossible to remove "concrete" that sounds just terrible. It is for that reason I dumped every MoFi release I had that was "Lasted" at the factory. Complete waste of good money but 30 years ago who knew.
The best treatment I've found for removing old mold release chemistries (if that's what it is) is not steaming but enzyme-based record cleaning fluids. Buggtussel Vinyl-Zyme is pretty good. AIVS Enzymatic is better. Others like Walker Prelude, which I haven't tried.

With any enzyme fluid you need to let it sit on the record for several minutes, making sure to use enough solution so it doesn't dry out. Brush the fluid around every minute or two to keep the grooves coated with fresh fluid and let the enzymes do their work.

After that you need to remove the fluid, ideally by vacuuming or (distinctly second best) with clean, lint free cloths. Then follow with several rinses with VERY pure water. "Very pure water" means the water provided by AIVS, MoFi, Walker or something similar, not distilled bought from Walmart.

This takes longer than steaming, but it works better IME.
take your std. record cleaning solution and cut it 50% with dist. water. dispence this cut solution over your LP.
Let it set for 20 min or so (you'll need to come back every 3-4 min and add more to keep the surface wet). After 20 min has passed, use your nitty gritty or VPI to vaccuum off the solution. repeat the other side.

Let the record sit for a min of 24 hrs before you play it.
When you do play it, you'll find you've cut the surface noise by a substantial amount.


Grimace : Any luck cleaning you LP ?
05-27-08: Grimace
Steam clean it with what?
Grimace: Please review the deep steam cleaning thread. I feel you may find information that will assist you,unless, the LP was discarded.