Any ic/speaker cable suggestion Tyler Linbrook

I have the Linbrook Signature (2 piece system) and currently using Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cable and Solo crystal ic. It felt like the sound is just too warm for my taste. The bass is there but i cannot appreciate the mids/highs, it felt like its missing. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

My system:
Blue Circle BC3000 MKII preamp
Consonance Droplet CD player
H20 S250 (Signature)
Before you try any different cables, I would play around with your speaker configuration a little. Try pointing the speakers straight at you and varying your listening distance. One you get this dialed in, you can start switching out different components/cables/tweaks etc.
In the FWIW department - I've been using Tylers (1 Piece) Linbrook system for about 18 months - this is not a cold antiseptic sounding speaker, in fact in comparison to earlier speakers I have used, its a bit warm in the upper bass/lower mid-range. I've found the upper mid's/highs very detailed but not bright in any fashion HOWEVER I don't think you get the best out of these speakers without close attention to set up. Listening well off axis in an over dampened room will produce a dullish sound. If you have not already done so try toeing your speakers in so that the axis crosses just behind your head.

The FWIW part - be sure you have maximized set up possibilities before you start changing cables. For the most part cable changes should not result in large changes in frequency response. I don't know enuf about your amp to make a recommendation, but in my experience if you want some speaker cable that will definitely spotlight the mids and highs try some Nordost or some similar type. I use Cardas IC and some short runs of Canare Star Quad but that probably wouldn't work for you.

How are you enjoying your Droplet - I was looking at that with some interest.
Thanks for the reply newbee. I did try using Kimber Select KS 3033 and Zu cable Varial ic (in which i have for my second system Ah Njoe and VS VR2) with great success. I then reorganize my system when we moved to a new house thats why i bought the Analysis Plus because of their price and great review, but i cant seem to get the same result with kimber and zu cable combo. I did break in the cable probably a thousand hrs of playing. As for the droplet, believe what Srajan wrote in his 6moon review, its right on the spot. (I think he used Zu cable in his review).
I do not have the Tyler but the Thos, which uses Seas.
I've noticed the speakers voices clearly the amp in use.
IOW whatever the amp speaks this is what you hear.
Now I'm not sure how the Tyler's are configured, i plan to ordera pr later this yr, early next.
I looked at a photo of the BC3000, interesting looking pre with tubes. However not sure what a H2O amp is. Is this ss? Any link?
Thought about testing other amps?
Cables mean nothing to me, nor interconnects.
The Consonance Droplet is not the weakness in your chain. . That looks to be fine player.

Check H20 website, and 6moon review.The BC3000 is an excellent combo with the H20 because the H20 has a low input impedance, just a thought if you are considering this amp. I found something interesting today. I borrowed my friends AP Oval 9 and used an Au24 jumper for the monitor part of the speaker and used AP Oval 8 for the bass module (its like biwiring but using 2 different wire) and totally eliminated the DH labs jumper that was sent with the speaker, and now im in total music nirvana. The highs and mids are now silky sweet and to die for, and now i have unbelievable bass extension, soundstage is huge . I started to listen to my CDs again. Im happy and proud owner to have this excellent speakers. Happy listening!
Good for you . as i didn't want us to have different, at least not too different opinions on how the seas' voices the mids and highs, sending mixed message.
With your set up, the bass you get with your Signature2's with dual W22's per channe must be quite an experience. Thats a ton of 35hz bass extention. Dual 8 inch midwoofers per side!!!
Packin a punch.
i only have your upper cabinet W18/T25/W18. Called a Thor, a kit from madisound.
First class set up you got there. Keep us in touch with your system, i'd like to hear how reference cds sound with that speaker.
>>as i didn't want us to have different, at least not too different opinions on how the seas' voices the mids and highs, sending mixed message.<<

Different opinions are not bad are they?
Different opinions are the best thing for open and fair discussions. There were many opinions here and also from Absolute Sound saying how wonderfully awesome were the Spendor 8's. After I heard them, grant it on a aweful big expensive tube amp, were aweful. Not near worth the asking $3100. I didn't like anything about that little 2 way.
Now as to the Seas'/Tyler's. I've owned the Seas for 3 yrs and know this drivers voicing. The mids and highs are spectatular. I base this on 30 yrs in audio auditioning.
Besides many experts agree the Excel tweeter Millinium is well worth the 4180 it retails for. The Excel midwoofers are well known for their vocing characertistics from experts in the field.
Can you find me any report/review of spendor's drivers?
This is what i mean about us differing too widely in our opinions of the Excel's voicing of the mids/highs.
IMHO there's no driver like it. Of course you need the same quality in amp/cdp as the speaker itself.
I own a Jadis. I will admit there is slight beaming in the highs.
But all things taken into consideration, its the best we have. IOW no other drivers beats the Excel. At least not in my experience.
Feel free to disagree. Its an open forum.
>>I own a Jadis. I will admit there is slight beaming in the highs. But all things taken into consideration, its the best we have.<<

Who are "we"? Are you implying that Jadis is the best amplifier? If so, that is a very short-sighted view and there are many many folks that will rightfully disagree with it. Jadis is quality stuff, and it may be the best you've heard, but it hardly sits at the top of the mountain.
How does the Blue Circle mate with the H2O? I am using Henry's Fire. Before you try more expensive cables, try Anti-Cable interconnects, and speaker wire. They are rather inexpensive, but they are radically more honest than almost all other wires.

Oh yes, wires DO make a big difference, when using the H2O. So do power cables. That is because of the amps transparency.

For fun, hold an audio party, and ask everyone to bring a CD player. You will be amazed at how different they really sound from eachother. I have settled on Audio Note.
The "we" being the audiophiles. my meaning is blurred. I mean to say that IMHO Seas have developed the best of all possible designs with their Excel midwoofer, thw W18 as offering the best mids avaliable. For purity, clarity, dynamics, no other cone, nor other design offers that precision of musical image as does the Seas Excel. The beaming i am refering to is just very small, and is easily excusable as a "fault'.
ve heard dozens of speakers in my 30 yrs experience, none equal the Excel. Its my opinion, you can have yours.
undoubtable you have not heard the seas/Tyler so your opinion that my judgement is not true, does not hold up. After you have the exp[erience of the Excel, then come back and say, "no, not true, speaker X, Y, Z are superior to the mid voicing of the Excel".
I've heard all the speakers I wish to hear. I am not interested in others. i know its a fact the seas is the most superior driver in the world.
Can we get back on topic?
The topic was that somehow his Seas are not voicing mids/highs properly. Which is not the case in my spealers. i suggest that Rn look to his source, its not the speakers.
According to Rn he changed speaker wires and 'wah-lah" he now has excellent mids.highs, "like never before'.
I am not a believer in fancy-smancy speaker wires/interconnets/power cords.
But hey if it worked for Rn thats all that matters.
Case solved. it was not the tylers after all.
Now I read through all the posts, and see that Rneclps has solved the problem to his satisfaction.

BTW, Bartokfan, you are as wrong as I use to be over whether wires can make a sizable difference. With my old gear, it didn't. With the new class D amps, though, the difference can be remarkable.
Maybe when funds is not tight i would definitely try different cable. I emailed used cable and recommended some cables, and bottom line it looks like Cardas Golden Reference is the logical choice. Muralman, Blue Circle preamp is an excellent choice for the H20, if im not mistaken its output impedance is 180 ohms, mated perfectly when using the balance input which is 16kOhms. As a side note, i would like to try Henrys Fire preamp, any specs?
I use Home Depot monster copper wire.
I think I paid $1.25/ft yrs ago, Now copper has doubled.
Each "jumper"..that is speaker wire is cut in several places, I have one speaker with spliced with another brand of wire. IOW has monster wire half the way, and a black copper wire the other part. I feel no need to replace with a one piece. Call me cheap.
all sounds just fine to me.
Rneclps, I have no specs I can forward to you, only it is the perfect match for the H2O. Henry can't make them fast enough.