Any higher Dynavectors sounding alike to Karat23r?

Hello! I am very fond of the musicality and warmth of Dynavector Karat 23R, but I feel it would benefit from more discipline. Do you know any higher Dynavector models that sound alike in warmth and musicality departments, yet have better resolution? I would appreciate your suggestions very much! Thank You!


You might consider upgrading your tone arm or your phono stage.
Dear Zbielak: Easy, XV-1s. This IMHO is a afe/friendly cartridge that seems to me designed as: a test against " deaf " audiophiles, even a " deaf " audio person can hear the differences with this cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I already use a nice TT/arm: SME 20.2/SME V. I know XV-1s is the direction to go, I am already waiting for a good bargain on second hand XV-1s. I meant older Dynavectors, raul - do any higher than Karat 23R models, sound similar yet more precisely?

Dear Zb: I own the 23R and owned the 17DS and Nova 17D2, both an improvement over the 23R. On those times the latest and top of the line was the Nova 13D that was very expensive but where any one that had the opportunity to own it or heard it always told was just great.

Now, there is one option that could be fine for you: the Te Kaitora Rua, I only had the opportunity to heard it in a brief way so I can't for sure give you my opinion but for what I read over the net this cartridge is very good one too and near the XV-1 performance, you need to ask to owners of this Dyna model.
Btw, right now are two samples on sale here in Agon at good price.

Regards and enjoy the music,
You may also want to look at the Transfigurations. The sound is very similar between them and the DV's.

I went from a 20X-H to an XX1 to a Temper and am very happy.
What about XX-2 MkII?